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The recent round of so many people I am close to turning 30 started to make me feel very old. I had started to wonder where all the years had gone and what I had achieved with my life and all the intuitively practical promise I showed as a precocious child.

So I started to write down a potted history of my life and began to realise just how much I have done and how much I have changed. (I may put this on LJ at some point.) From the socially inept loner techno geek that I was in my teens to someone who has so many good friends and has become more people centered than I would have ever thought possible. I have found love, several times, and it has become the defining part of my life.

So I am not the high achieving successful person I once thought I should be but it seems I now have a lot of good advice and understanding to give based on what I have learned over the years. My life has many more changes ahead but I am slowly coming to believe that it will always have some very lovely and special people in it.

I am not taking the big risks with my life I once did and the ones I do still take have become easier to cope with if they do go wrong. I miss the trill of new challenges but right now there are good reasons to play it safe.
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