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My mobile has just died. If you want to get in touch please email me or ring the land line.

So much for the i128 being a good phone. I dropped it and now the voice button is jammed on. I can't open it to fix it. For some reason
the cretin that wrote the firmware decided to not let the phone turn on if this button was being pressed.
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You know on the T-mobile advert it says "Be the first to own a photo phone" or some such and everyone goes "What's the point in being the first? Who could you send pictures to?" Well I'm with T-mobile and being eligible for an upgrade I went to see what they had. So the upshot is that I now have a new i128 phone with a colour screen and a small camera attachment for the grand sum of £65. In fact the real reason I got it was because of all the things it can do apart from the gimmicky camera bit, like connecting to a PC and storing lots more text messages, so I don't need to agonise over which one I delete each time. It is also tri-band, WAP enabled and supports blue tooth. The camera only has a resolution of 320 by 288 so it's no substitute for getting a proper digital one, though it is very small. Apparently, if you take or have pictures of all your friends you can set it up so that it shows their picture on the phone when they ring you. This is kind of cool but I'm not sure if I can be bothered to set it up for my entire phone book.

So has anyone got any ideas about what I could actually do with the sending photos from the phone bit, assuming other people get one as well?
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Please welcome [ profile] gemoon and [ profile] spikeylady to LJ, aka Meg and Jess. :) I've added you both to my friends list.
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OK, I've just added lots of people to my friends list who have recently added me to theirs. Hello all, you should now be able to read my friends only entries.


4 August 2002 05:51 pm
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Well I owe Nicky an apology as she turned up dead on time on Friday. After an excellent meal and much wine we went back to her boyfriends place and signed her up to LJ. So please welcome [ profile] nickyuk. That's Nicky UK not Nick Yuk by the way. If she hasn't changed it, her first entry is what she was saying to the cat in case you were wondering. Well it was very good wine.


16 July 2002 06:59 pm
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Well if the God is Undead party were not enough - this is what I get.

What Egyptian Deity are you? go to:the quiz!
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Well having made my mind up that I would like to see Siouxsie and the Banshees at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on Wednesday I now find that both Ticket Web and Star Green have sold out. Laura P, (my ex) Lisa and Wendy are all going on that night as well. Oh well, maybe it was a bit soon to see Lisa again anyway.
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According to this highly unscientific survey apparently...


I act like I'm 24.
This test
was brought to you by David - Part of
the David and James phenomenon. Take it here.

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For those people who may have been trying to email me recently and getting bounced emails. I have now fixed david-at-franklinsdomain-dot-com so that it should work again. I have binned lineone as my ISP so that address will no longer work.

In case you were wondering the funny way of writing it is to avoid spam robots.
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Well I haven't posted for a while so here is an update on what has been happening with me.
Cheerfulness warning - happy frothy post follows )
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OK after much debate I will be having my birthday party on Saturday April 20th. This will be a joint birthday party with my sister Lorna. I plan to book the local Brazilian restaurant that I talked about previously for 7pm and then have a party at our house afterwards. This way I will not be clashing with Whitby or too many other things I hope. The restaurant is on Greyhound road, is called Paulo's and is just round the corner from our house. I'll post directions nearer the time.

If people want to hold the BiCon 2003 meeting at our house before the meal they will be very welcome. Giles, you will be welcome to bring the kids. The people who run the restaurant are very good with children, although the party afterwards may not be their thing so much.

I could do with knowing numbers before I book the place, so could people let me know if they think they will be coming. If we are more than 20 then we can take the whole place over.
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Well the waiting is finally over and people all over London (who were, no doubt, on both tender and tenterhooks) can stop pacing up and down.

Ciara was born at 23:52 on 21st March, which means she can have a joint birthday party with Heather. She was 8 lb 10 apparently (that's Ciara not Heather) with red hair and gorgeous. The text message sent at about 12.30am also said that Hannah had just woken up from the aesthetic.

Congratulations Hannah! You got though it and I hope you are now having a well deserved rest.
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Happy Birthday [profile] elfgeek! Amelia has now confirmed our meeting in Oxford on Sunday so alas it looks like I won't make your birthday party, which is a shame.

Today is also (Australian) Lisa's birthday. Party on Friday, which I will be able to make.
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OK much as I think these quiz things are a waste of time I have to admit I did like this result...

Which Chess
Piece Are You?

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Well since [ profile] sanjibabes mentioned it in her LJ I think I can also mention that as of last weekend we are no longer going out. We are still friends though and I still happen to think she is an extremely kind and loverly person. Mind you picking the moment just before [ profile] ajvas party to discuss this was bad timing on my part.
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From the same place that brought you the dwarven trampoline with no legs we have yet more useless stuff that I am getting rid of.

Does anyone want a 21'' Hitachi monitor?

The catch? It is monochrome and takes a BNC green-sync style input which only a few graphics cards can output.
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Well I have just found out that girlfriend L may have the measles. She was worried that she may have given it to me. Particularly as I feel exhausted and achy today.

Fortunately a phone call to my parents reveiled that I have been vaccinated when I was 5 and should therefore be OK. This is good for me but does leave girlfriend L with the virus just when life is incredibly busy for her.
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This may seem like a strange question but does anyone want a trampoline? We are about to get rid of it so I thought I would check if anyone wanted it first.

It is round and big enough for 1 adult with padded edges (that's the trampoline with the padded edges not the adult). It has, erm, all sort of lost its legs (unless they turn up soon) so it would need some new ones making or it would need to go over a pit in some ones garden. Have you ever been offered something so useless before?
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OK, after much pier pressure I have added a pic to my LJ. It's from my graduation photo. I realise this is in fact very sad but it's the only one I have scanned in right now (to send to my dear sweet grey haired and only slightly mad Mum by email) and I so couldn't be faffed to unpack the scanner last night.

Thanks to everyone who came to the house warming (part 1) on Saturday. It was excellent to see you all and I hope all the people who tried my weird cocktails are feeling better now. So did we do the right thing when we spent ALL of our savings on the place? Hopefully, we will see the few people who couldn't make it very soon. I hope you get well soon Tal and that you are now fully awake and revitalised Marcus.

Rashly, we are doing it all again this coming weekend when we do house warming part 2. This was supposed to be for our more conventional friends, the neighbours and people we work with but it looks like it will end up being a bit of a random mix as several people who couldn't make the first one are coming. So it should be interesting (in a fun way) and we had better get some more Champagne.
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Someone once said 'All the best things in life are messy'. Unfortunately, just because something is messy doesn't mean it's a good thing. This is why I need to do some tiding up before our house warming party (Episode 1) this weekend. After all people aren't going to want to indulge in what Sophia would describe as debauchery and moral turpitude amongst drying laundry and several days of washing up are they?

Since this is my very first ever LJ posting I suppose I should say something about my life. It's absolutely wonderful. Apart from work, which is a bit dull but pays well. There you go. Will that do?

Oh yes, and the main reason my life is so wonderful is because it involves lots of very wonderful people who I will add to my friends list if they let me know their LJ names.
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