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Well at the risk of being called a lemming I shall do what everyone else is doing.

If there was something you wanted to say to me at BiCon but didn’t then feel free to leave a comment. All comments are screened let me know if you would like them to be public?

Alternatively just say hi if you want to friend me so I know who you are.

I will do a proper BiCon post soon but not tomorrow as I have to help S&R move flat.


5 May 2011 01:38 am
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I am sure most of you will have seen this already...

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So before I go and spend my hard earned cash on ebay. Does anyone have an old computer (or motherboard and processor combo) that they don’t want? The only catch is that is needs to be able to read a 1Tb SATA disk. Speed is not important though.

If anyone actually wants an old computer that cannot read a 1Tb SATA disk then I have two old and slow machines going spare? Nope thought not.

In other news the aircon is broken at work again.
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This is a quick test – does cross posting from DW to LJ work as it should?

Unlike others who have moved to DW I think I will end up keeping both. Please add me to your circle thingy on DW if you are on there though.

I don’t always keep up with LJ, DW or Facebook but I do look at them from time to time and I have now setup email notifications which I will always read.
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I haven’t updated LJ for ages. I could tell you all about BiCon or about going to Glasgow with [ profile] thekumquat and the Windyridge Games or my most recent Cotswold’s holiday with [ profile] xanna but instead I’m going to be geeky again.

Does anyone want a SGI Octane? It is a Unix machine so I will not be doing my normal PC repair and re-homing thing and instead will ask if anyone wants it before I say I’ll have it. I expect I could get him to drop it off in Streatham if that would be an easier place to pick it up from?

Here's the spec from Matt at work...

SGI Silicon Graphics Octane
CPU: MIPS R10000 195 MHz
RAM: 384 MB
4 GB
4 GB
OS: IRIX 6.5 pre-installed
Graphics: Dual Graphics cards
ESI with 13w3 connector & 3D goggles connector
SI with 13w3 connector & 3D goggles connector
PCI Card Cage
Ethernet card

SGI SIlicon Graphics Keyboard
SGI Silicon Graphics Mouse

SGI Silicon Graphics 21 inch CRT
13w3 connector
Remote Control

Monitor Cable
Power Cables

All for the £0 (FREE) to the person willing to collect from Windsor.

There's a small crack on the monitor casing - it's not noticeable unless I point it out. The onboard ethernet has a duplex mismatch issue - which is why I've fitted a second ethernet card.
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I had a fantastic time at BiCon. Thank you to all the wonderful people that made to so excellent. Special mentions to [ profile] eather, [ profile] 2eyes, [ profile] plumsbitch, B, K and of course my fabulous [ profile] xanna. The only down side was not seeing enough of [ profile] thekumquat due to flat allocation mess ups and not being able to talk or spend enough time with everyone I would have liked to. I failed to take any pictures that are sufficiently decent to go on a website, so please let me know if you have any?

[ profile] thekumquat and I got home late last night to find our bathroom is now more of a rumble room. It seems when they took the bath out it fell in half and all the walls were only held together by the old tiles. Still work has been progressing fast, although there was a leak into [ profile] narnee's flat.

Roll Call

7 July 2005 12:56 pm
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Just to let everyone know that I am fine and working from home. [ profile] thekumquat is also safe and at work.
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On the 21st of January I am going to the Masquerade Ball with a whole host of lovely people. Now we are trying to juggle tickets so that everyone who wants to can go. We are currently at least one short. So does anyone have a spare ticket that they would be prepared to sell?
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Happy Christmas to everyone who celabrates it. Sending you all good wishes and I hope you are having fun with family and friends.

Also for those who find this time of year more stressful for various reasons sending you many hugs. May the new year bring you all that you could wish for.

We are at my parents today and will be travelling up to Leeds tomorrow to see my brother Ian where they have snow.
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If you are looking for a job in London, or know someone who is, my company who are in Wansworth (although they claim they are in Putney as it sounds posher) are fairly consistently recruiting at the moment. The latest job summaries for our network discovery product team are

2x Developers for Web-based GUI applications, including Java J2EE
skills, JDBC, HTML & Javascript, ideally in an Apache-Tomcat, WebLogic
or Jboss environment. They should have knowledge of database systems.

2x C++ with strong UNIX development skills, strong software
development skills, knowledge of database systems and ideally a deep
understanding of networking technologies (e.g. SNMP, TCP/IP, CCNA

and I can give you more details if you are interested. They will also pay me a bounty if I find someone, which I will split with you.

Another thought is that as my company are American owned they may be better than most at sorting out work permits for Americans who want to come to the UK.

In other news, I had an excellent weekend in Leicester for PolyDay. More on that later.


14 July 2004 04:25 pm
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Happy Birthday Jess! xxxxx


7 July 2004 02:39 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] ebq!
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The recent round of so many people I am close to turning 30 started to make me feel very old. I had started to wonder where all the years had gone and what I had achieved with my life and all the intuitively practical promise I showed as a precocious child.

So I started to write down a potted history of my life and began to realise just how much I have done and how much I have changed. (I may put this on LJ at some point.) From the socially inept loner techno geek that I was in my teens to someone who has so many good friends and has become more people centered than I would have ever thought possible. I have found love, several times, and it has become the defining part of my life.

So I am not the high achieving successful person I once thought I should be but it seems I now have a lot of good advice and understanding to give based on what I have learned over the years. My life has many more changes ahead but I am slowly coming to believe that it will always have some very lovely and special people in it.

I am not taking the big risks with my life I once did and the ones I do still take have become easier to cope with if they do go wrong. I miss the trill of new challenges but right now there are good reasons to play it safe.
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I am not saying anything new but here are some of my thoughts.

No one is perfect. We all have our flaws and who is to say what perfection is anyway? So if you think everyone should conform to a set of ideal standards then you are likely to be disappointed. This is one of the reasons I seem to have a problem with fundamentalists or one-true-way-ists of any kind. They have come up with some often fairly arbitrary idea of what they think is the right way to do things and give anyone who disagrees with them a hard time about it.

In my experience most people try their best to do what they think is right. Some people (in my opinion) have a very funny idea of what they think is right and, where I can, a like to challenge their ideas and prejudices and at least get them to think about their choices. Often they are just going by what they have been told to believe rather than thinking through the issues themselves.

There are some people out there who are deliberately unpleasant, usually because they think they can gain something from it. I try and avoid these people and have been known to go to some lengths to get even with them when they have wronged me (by tracking them down and informing the police for instance). Often these people seem to lack any empathy or understanding of other peoples feelings but sometimes they are just nasty to other people anyway and come up with excuses about why they are different from them in some way to justify their actions.

I have been told that I am very excepting of people's flaws. What is closer to the truth is that I try not to prejudge people. I try to find out their reasons for why they do things before making up my mind about what I think about them. Even then I don't expect anyone to be perfect but look at the overall picture. If that makes me seem non-judgmental then fair enough.

Love can make us blind to someone's flaws initially but in my experience if your love for someone is going to last, you have to see the whole person, with their good and bad points, and love them anyway flaws and all. The same is also true of friendship.


18 January 2004 01:45 am
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We put a load of random things we didn't want on ebay recently when it was free listings day. This is more to give us a reasonable seller feedback rather than because we expect to make large amounts of money from them. This is just as well as we are currently making a grand total of £2.40 from all 5 items.

Random ebay stuff
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I'm sitting here listening to a book on BBC internet radio recommended on UK poly, as it is to late for loud music. I have been working at home the last few days rather than drag myself in when I have a cold. This has meant I've been going to bed late and getting up late. Being able to work from home is a two edged sword. It is good to be able to avoid the commute but when ill I feel obliged to still do as much work as I am capable of, as so many of the people I work with still drag themselves in when they have colds.

Killer Robots that want to take over the world for no very good reason. )
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Happy Birthday [ profile] labyrinth_lizzy and [ profile] sweinhodge.


24 June 2003 04:22 pm
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Oh, and for those that didn't notice I finally got around to uploading some new LJ icons. At some point I may even write myself an intro. The originals to most of these are on [ profile] spikeylady's photo site. So should I have just stuck to the graduation picture?
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So it looks like I am a hug slut, but then you knew that already didn't you?

The sordid truth )

LJ Match

2 June 2003 01:28 pm
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Well, I filled in this LJ match thing and wasn't really very impressed. Apparently, I am 102% compatible with Avalon and Mat but only 80% compatible with [ profile] spikeylady and [ profile] thekumquat. How random is that? So this matching algorithm is captain cockup of the starship not very good, isn't it? I'm really glad I never tried computer dating now.
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So [ profile] thekumquat and myself are back! Did you miss us?

We have been to the island of Cumbrae in Scotland for the last 5 days with [ profile] lizw, [ profile] djm4 and the three kids B, C and R. It was wonderful, even when it rained, which means it must have been good. It has also failed to put me off wanting children, be very afraid.

Millport, the only village on Cumbrae, seemed to have been caught in a time warp. It was very reminiscent of childhood seaside holidays and has not changed very much since Victorian times. Anyway, you can read a much more eloquent write up on [ profile] thekumaquat's LJ but highlights included.

Lots of beautiful scenery and walks.
Making up bedtime stories with B for C and R.
Seeing more wildlife in 5 days than in two years in London.
Remaking the Matrix after B discovered that my camera could take video - staring and directed by B as Neo, C as several agents, and Piggy as Morpheus. Piggy was acting against type as she normally spends most of her time being carried around by R.
[ profile] djm4's roast dinner and fresh scones.
Snuggling with [ profile] lizw and [ profile] thekumquat.
Going on cycle rides round the island.
Feeding acrobatic seagulls on the ferry back.
Generally just chilling out and getting away from it all.

Special thanks have to go to [ profile] lizw, without her we would never have gone.

1st of May

1 May 2003 02:39 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] lizw! Happy Beltane too!

Also Happy Birthday [ profile] ciphergoth!
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So I have just brought tickets for Ghost of the Robot on the 19th June for [ profile] gemoon, [ profile] spikeylady, [ profile] thekumquat and myself. For those who don't know this is James Masters' band of Spike fame.

Now of course it isn't that simple because I brought them over the internet late at night when tired and well you remember the bananas don't you? So, due to correcting my address half way through the buying process, I seem to have ordered 8 tickets instead of 4. Now they have owed up to making a mistake and have said I can have my money back on the second 4, if I like, but I thought I would check to see if 4 more of our friends would like to come with us first.

So would anyone else like to come with us? The tickets cost £19 and they are performing at the Scala near Kings Cross. Anyway, could anyone who would definitely like to come let me know in the next couple of days.
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First of all thanks to everyone that came to my birthday party last Saturday. It was fantastic to see so many people, some of whom I hadn't seen for far too long. It was an excellent evening. Oh, and special thanks to those who helped tidy up the next day. Many people have already put up photos and I will put up the few I have at some point soon-ish. Thank you also for all the cards and presents.

One of my birthday presents was from the [ profile] thekumquat and is a weekend away with her in a fancy hotel. We are heading off there tonight and I'm really looking forward to it. Unfortunately this means that we won't see people in the pub tonight or at the ungoth party tomorrow. I hope you have much fun and we will see many of you next week.

Last night was my fencing clubs annual one hit epee competition. This is where we fence using the same rules as pentathlon fencing tournaments with each bout being decided on a single hit (also known as sudden death) and everyone gets to fence everyone else. It tends to be a lot most about not letting nerves get the better of you than the normal 15 point matches so maybe being half asleep helped. Anyway, much to my surprise, I won after winning 9 out of 10 bouts. So I now have a (fairly small) trophy in what I think is lacquered bronze which will have my name engraved on it. I usually fence in team events so this is the first individual competition I have ever won.
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Do you remember me mentioning that I work around the corner from a TV studio? Well they have turned an empty lot across the road from one of our buildings into a film set. So the rubble that was a demolished building is now an allotment full of little sheds and rolls of vegetables. There is a landrover mounted on the back of a low loader with a camera in front of it, so that they can drive it around and film the actors pretending to drive. There are also several dogs that are somehow part of the plot complete with handlers. I just met one of the stage hands who was wheeling a very precious looking platform down the street. He said it was for a drama called "Rosemary and Time" which he described as being Agitha Christi meets Charlie Dimock. You really have to wonder about what gets commissioned sometimes don't you?
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The perils of Internet shopping. We meant to order 5 bananas and accidentally ordered 5kg. We now have enough bananas to stoke a medium sized elephant.
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I just had the following response from Minever at Club L'Amour about dates. So I'm not very impressed as this will mess up several peoples schedules.

Hello David

Sorry for any confusion, the next l'Amour is now on 15th, unfortunately we
had to change it from the 22nd to 15th, The March newsletter is going out to
all tomorrow...

Hope you can all still make it on 15th, it's Pyjama Party, so feel free to
dress up or down, the choice is yours.

The l'Amour date for April is 19th - no change

As for group discounts, unfortunately the answer is "no can do"
please remind all that if they pre book with myself, they do get in for £14
instead of £18 which is payable on the door.

If you have any further questions or queries, please get in touch


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Apparently [ profile] spikeylady is listening to Bon Jovi and it is all my fault.
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